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Optimo’s revolutionary decision engine empowers lenders to make faster, well-informed decisions, optimise product offerings, and enhance time-to-market for new pricing strategies.

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Scale your business and drive automated decisions with confidence

Designed to provide lenders with a distinct competitive advantage, Optimo’s powerful decision engine combines Intelligent Pricing, Scorecards and Affordability, to drive a fully automated credit risk system to support all types of financial transactions.  

Combining a customisable workflow with integrations to market-leading risk and fraud agencies, Optimo can help any financial institution scale its operations while reducing its risk of loss-making decisions.


Unlock the potential of your lending business with Optimo

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Unparalleled speed to market
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Data-driven precision
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Flexible configuration without compromise
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Increased pricing competitiveness
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Improve your lending risk
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Efficient product release management
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Optimo is at the heart of all smart lending decisions

Intelligent Pricing

With its speed to market and data-driven pricing capabilities, Optimo's intelligent dynamic pricing engine allows self-serve configuration changes without impacting underlying product characteristics, reducing the number of products required and decreasing time to market for new pricing by up to 80%.


With Optimo’s Scorecard, lenders gain a robust and customisable credit scoring system. Easily assess an applicant's creditworthiness and risk profile, incorporating relevant data points to fine-tune the scoring model. Drive efficiency in credit evaluations and enhance the overall quality of lending decisions.


Optimo’s Affordability solution empowers lenders to assess borrowers' financial capacity and ensure responsible lending practices. By analysing income, expenses, and financial commitments, this module provides a comprehensive view of an applicant's financial situation. Make lending decisions that align with regulatory guidelines, including Consumer Duty and borrowers' financial well-being.

Experience the power and flexibility of Optimo’s cloud-first solution

Say goodbye to complex on-premises installations and enjoy the convenience of accessing Optimo from anywhere, at any time, with enhanced security and seamless updates.

Rapidly scale your infrastructure
as your business grows

Roll out new changes without impacting current operations

Stay up to date with latest
features and capabilities

99.99% uptime and
increased security

Unlock the potential of your lending operations with Optimo’s API driven solution

With powerful APIs, Optimo seamlessly integrates with Lender’s existing eco-systems and workflows, connecting to their origination systems, sourcing partners and customer channels, allowing for real-time data exchange and enhanced productivity.

No expensive installations.  No painful migrations.  

Optimo ensures minimal disruption and maximum impact, driving growth and profitability for your lending business.

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